Efforts and activities of
OHGA Pharmacy

At OHGA Pharmacy, we will solve social issues through various activities
that utilize our strengths while keeping in mind the three mission statements of
"Service for Staff," "Service for Customers," and "Service for Community."
We will take on the challenge of achieving the SDGs.


an abbreviation for Sustainable Development Goals, which indicate "Sustainable Development Goals".

The SDGs were adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015 and are the goals set by 193 UN member states to achieve in the 15 years from 2016 to 2030.
Composed of 17 goals and 169 targets, we pledge that no one on the planet will be left behind.

Service for Staff

We create an environment where everyone
who works at our company feels rewarding
and joyful in serving our customers
and the community from the bottom of hearts.

  • OHGA Academy

    We have a full range of programs such as new employee training, product training, hospitality training, and coaching. In addition, you can learn the theory and practical system to make a difference in sales and sales competition between companies through partnership with a business school (Glovis Graduate School) where you can choose subjects according to your required skills and Lanchester strategy training. We believe that the growth of each employee will lead to the growth of the company.

  • Empowerment for Women

    Supporting the active participation of women in the workforce 53% of our managers are female. In general, it is often perceived as negative, such as "it is difficult to balance work and family" and "the number of responsible jobs increases and the burden increases", but this number allows women to work longer and can work with peace of mind. It is proof that she is also active as a person. There are systems of prenatal and/or childcare leave and you can use a system to shorten working hours. We are focusing on balancing women's work and child-rearing.

  • Challenge system

    A system that encourages and realizes the enthusiasm and challenges of each employee based on what they want to achieve and their ideas. We regularly open recruitment, organize project teams and transfer the corresponding departments for passing projects, and support the creation of an environment that makes it easy to take on challenges. With the times changing rapidly and consumer behavior diversifying, we believe that it is essential for the company to evolve in the future by gathering the ideas and enthusiasm of each employee regardless of age or career.

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Service for Customers

Always, from the customer's perspective,
think about what the customer wants
and take the initiative with sincerity.

  • Recommendation of drug education by drug warrior OHGA man

    We are enlightening drug education through regular drug education shows and TV broadcasts at kindergartens and amusement parks.

    [Medicine education for children]
    We convey the importance of taking the prescribed medicine until the end.

    [Pharmacist education for adults]
    This is the message that the pharmacist can check the prescription amount and the combination of medicines and consult with the doctor to reduce the medicines, and the importance of "decreasing" the medicines instead of "increasing" them.
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  • [Medical Relationalship]

    With the aim of improving medical care for patients, medical institutions and dispensing pharmacies regularly hold discussions on medication methods and treatment policies at cooperation meetings. In addition to collaborative meetings, we also participate in training at the pharmacy department of hospitals and open conferences.

    [Pharmaceutical cooperation medical institution]
    ・ Kyushu University Hospital ・ Taishofu Hospital ・ Fukuoka Red Cross Hospital ・ Fukuoka University Chikushi Hospital ・ Fukuoka Municipal Hospital ・ Kurume General Hospital ・ Fukuoka Tokushukai Hospital ・ Nakagawa Hospital ・ Saiseikai Futsukaichi Hospital ・ Kyushu Cancer Center ・Hamanomachi Hospital, Futsukakai Hospital, etc.

  • Christmas Concert

    We regularly organize a concert "OHGA Christmas Concert" by the Kyushu Symphony Orchestra and local musicians. We believe that the opportunity to listen to professional music is a quality education. In 2019, we invited 1000 people from the area to express our gratitude. We will continue to make plans that will please everyone in Fukuoka and Kyushu.

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Service for Community

In the community,
we keep providing the valuable place
where everyone has a healthy and safe lifestyle.

  • Health Festa

    Children's pharmacist experience, blood pressure measurement, bone density measurement, body composition analysis, blood glucose and lipid analysis, etc. are held. In addition, we hold more than 100 times event a year, including events for the elderly. In the event , pharmacists provide lifestyle-related, dietary advice, and consultation recommendationsand and we contribute to community.

  • HakataCCo

    This is one of the largest family events in Kyushu, held in collaboration with HakataCCo OHGA Pharmacy and Little Mama. We support the lifestyles of moms and children with useful information such as "beauty, health, living, and child-rearing," product introductions, and fun stage entertainment. In fiscal 2019, about 10,000 people visited us. Held once a year, we will support the children in the community.

  • Contribution to community medicine

    ・ Health support Pharmacy health counseling (once a month)
    ・ Slow jogging class (once a month)
    ・ Morning yoga class (once a month)
    ・ Children's pharmacist experience
    ・ Dementia prevention exercises: Synapsology
    ・ Management nutritionist Nutrition guidance at cooking classes and stores by pharmacists
    ・Management of a health community site for pharmacists
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  • Change to environmentally friendly plastic shopping bags

    OHGA Pharmacy has stopped using pure plastic bags to protect marine life and forests, and changed a material containing 25% of biomass from July 1, 2020. In addition, we will promote my bags and sell original eco-bags, aiming to reduce the amount of plastic used by 16 tons annually.
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