You can accumulate points quickly! Great value OHGA pharmacy point card.

Bibica is a multifunctional point card of the OHGA Pharmacy Group. It is used by about 400,000 members nationwide, mainly in Fukuoka and Kyushu.


  • Electronic money

    You use it by charging cash.

  • Charge point

    You earn 10 points with a charge of every 1,000 yen.

  • Shop with Points

    You earn 1 point for every 100 yen (excluding tax).
    * The accumulated points can be used for 1 yen per point.

Further! You can earn points from each purchase.

Bibica About the Bibica App

No need to carry a card just by registering your Bibica number.
You can earn points even if you forget your card

  • Cardless so convenient!

    You can earn points by showing the screen at the cash register.You can pay by it after charging.

  • You see the balance at a glance!

    You can check the charged money and point balance in real time.

  • Updates for App!

    Lots of great deals for app members only. You will receive news and coupons that suit you. * The coupon is an example.


  • Enter your Bibica number

    Enter the 11-digit number after the first "88002" from the card number on the back of the Bibica card.* Please note that if you make a mistake 5 times or more, the lock will be applied.

  • Enter PIN number

    Enter the 6-digit PIN number on the back of the card.* Please note that if you make a mistake 5 times or more, a security lock will be applied.

  • Register

    Click "Register".
    You can use the app.

  • Use the app

    Please show the JAN code displayed by the app on the smartphone at the time of payment register. The balance of cash and points are displayed. * Updated from time of purchase. You will receive valuable information optimized for you, such as coupons and news.

  • * If you do not have a Bibica card, please register for membership at OHGA Pharmacy. (Free annual membership)
  • * If you enter the wrong card number and PIN number 5 times or more, the card will be locked.
  • * Please note that you may have to wait at the store even if you use this service.
  • * If you want to unlock it, please fill in the following information and contact us by email.
    [Name, Bibica card number, PIN number, email address, phone number]


Q1 What is Bibica?

Bibica is a great value multifunctional point card of the OHGA Pharmacy Group.

Q2 How much can I deposit as a prepaid card?

You can deposit 1,000 yen or more in units of 1,000 yen.The maximum amount of accumulation is 100,000 yen.

Q3 Is there an expiration date?

The expiration date is 2 years from the date of last use.(The date of use refers to the date of the last payment or the date of purchase of the product with this card.)

Q4 What happens to a card that has expired?

The balance will be invalid. You can not use the balance.

Q5 Are there any benefits on the card?

At the time of deposit, 1% points will be given for 1,000 yen or more. In addition, 1 point will be given for every 100 yen (excluding tax) used.

Q6 How can I check the balance of the card?

You can check your balance by the following methods.
① At the Store and receipt printing
At Internet site (QR code on the back of the card)
③ In Bibica app

Q7 Where can I use the card and what can I buy with it?

You can use and purchase it at all stores of OHGA Pharmacy. In addition, it can be used by collaboration companies (anywhere you see a sign that says Bibica excepted here).

Q8 Is it possible to charge the card repeatedly and use it?

You can charge it repeatedly and use it.

Q9 How can I use the points?

You can use them when paying for 1 point for 1 yen.(However, it cannot be used for prescription payment)

Q10 Can I use it with other payment methods?

If your card balance is less than the total amount at the time of purchase, you can pay the shortfall in cash.

Q11 How many cards can be used at one time?

Only one card per person.You cannot use more than one.

Q12 Is there any service of reissue or refund if card is lost or stolen?

We can not stop the function of the card, reissue, or refund the card.

Q13 Is it possible to redeem my card balance or points?

It is not possible to redeem for your convenience.

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