No Matter what changes we will always
Keep the "Heart of Service"
as a core value".

Thank you for visiting our website. We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to all of our employees for their continued patronage of OHGA Pharmacy.

OHGA Pharmacy Co., Ltd. was founded in 1902 (Meiji 35) and has been expanding mainly in Fukuoka. The spirit that we have carefully preserved since our founding is the "Heart of Service," that is, our corporate mission, "Service is Our Duty."

Our service refers to "Service for Staff," "Service for Customer," and "Service for Community."

"Service for Staff" is to create an environment in which all the people who work at our company find it rewarding and joyful to serve our customers and local people from the bottom of their hearts. We have a unique culture that has been nurtured over the years. It is a culture that employees can feel joy in customers delight and all employees can understand and sympathize with. We will do more and more to benefit our customers. Also, we will seek to continuously improve things that are not good for our customers and or problems to be solved. We think that is what makes us grow. We will create an environment where all people can work comfortably, practice work styles that are close to their lives, and serve customers and local people from the bottom of their hearts.

"Service for Customer" is always from the customer's perspective, thinking about what the customer wants, and taking the initiative with sincerity. There is no concept of business, work, or service. If you have heavy luggage, we will help, and if you have any problems, we desire to hear from you. We think it is natural for a person to think about what he can do and act for the person who is important to him. To love and do our best to all the customers who come to our store. That is the "Service for Customers".

"Service for Community" is always close to the people of the community. What kind of place was a pharmacy in the past? I remember when I was a child, I was taken to the place by my mother when I caught a cold. When I was a little sick, I had the impression that I could feel free to drop in and talk about anything, like "Machi no Kusuriya-san (A good old private pharmacy) ". We must be "consultation pharmacies" like the old pharmacies. To that end, we aim to be a place where everyone can rely on with peace of mind, such as actively interacting with local people and providing information on disease prevention methods. We must not forget that we are helping local people to create a comfortable city to live in.

I believe that service is free love. Our logo "Heart Cross", which was established in 1979, is a combination of a heart that expresses the sincere and pure mind heart to the other person and the kindness of being close to the other person, and a cross that is a symbol of charity. Service is to think of the other person without asking for a reward. Think of how one can contribute and be proactive.

The environment surrounding the pharmaceutical industry is constantly changing. At our company, we will flexibly respond to changes in the environment and continue to make further innovation. However, the "Heart of Service" never changes. This is my commitment "No Matter what changes we will always Keep the "Heart of Service"

OHGA Pharmacy Co., Ltd.
Representative Director
Takahiro Ohga

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