OHGA Pharmacy

We promise our customers
that we will be in this town forever
We have been and will continue to be a pharmacy that protects you and your family in this city for years to come.

We at OHGA Pharmacy, promise to be always in this town and are committed to you
with this promise that all our stores, and services will be available to each of you.

We will continue to be a pharmacy for everyone living in the area.
We will continue to be a pharmacy where you can consult any trivial matter at any time.
We will continue to be a pharmacy to protect grandpas, grandmas, dads, moms, children, grandchildren ...for generations,
We will continue to be a pharmacy that protects patients and their families.

We have been and will continue to be a pharmacy that is close to the community as a place for you
and your family to assist with a healthy life in this town .

Mission statement

"Heart of Service".
This is the spirit of our company that has been passed down since our founding in 1902.
It is our mission to always be close to our customers, listen to their words, and do our best for them.
This spirit of service has been passed down from generation to generation, and eventually the word that expresses our mission of
"service is our duty" was born.
These words have been carefully preserved for over 70 years.

Our Service is to think about things from the other person's point of view, take the initiative, and do our best for others.
At our company, we refer to three types of service: service for employees, service for customers, and service for community.

Service for Staff We create an environment where everyone who works at our company feels rewarding
and joyful in serving our customers and the community from the bottom of their hearts.

Service for Customers Always, from the customer's perspective,
think about what the customer wants and take the initiative with sincerity.

Service for Community In the community, we keep providing the valuable place where everyone has a healthy and safe lifestyle.


OHGA Pharmacy aims to be useful for customers' healthy, beautiful and prosperous lives,
and aims to be a company where each employee can lively
and demonstrate their abilities and create a happy life.


At OHGA Pharmacy, keeping in mind the three mission statements of "Service for employee service," "Service for customer," and "Service for community," we will work to resolve social issues through various activities that utilize our strengths. We will take on the challenge of achieving the listed SDGs.


OHGA Pharmacy is a place where Heart,
which expresses heart and kindness,
and Cross, which is a symbol of medical care,
charity, and dedication, overlap.

"Heart Cross" is the symbol about our wishes
and feelings of love we have for both our empoyees and the community.