Debute of the medicine notebook app!

The medicine notebook, has become an app.

What is the medicine notebook?

It is a notebook for recording the name of the medicine, the amount to take, the number of times to take, precautions, etc. With this record, even when receiving medicine at multiple hospitals, doctors and pharmacists can check whether the same medicine is available and whether the medicine is ok to take with another medicine.

What is the medicine notebook app?

It is an electronic version of the medicine notebook that can be managed with a smartphone. By registering your profile information and family pharmacy, prescription drug information will be automatically recorded in the app from the second time onward.

Three benefits
of the medicine notebook app!

  • No need to carry
    a medicine notebook!

    By using the app, you don't have to worry about forgetting your medication notebook. You can rest assured even in the event of a sudden consultation or disaster.

  • Manage family members together!

    You can register and manage medicine notebooks for bulky families.

  • Checking is so convenient!

    You can see the recorded medicine information at a glance. If you also register information on over-the-counter drugs, you can receive a safer check.

5 functions of the medicine notebook app

Download it here

app Download it here